Acrovyn to protect Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne

Acrovyn Door Protection in Box Hill Hospital

A new ten-storey clinical services building with a total area of 32000 square metres is part of Victorian Governments’ $447.5 million Box Hill hospital redevelopment project. The new building which opened its doors earlier this month will house the hospital’s new emergency department, as well as maternity, cardiac and intensive care units. The 45 metre tall […]

You lose money when you don’t use Wall Protection


Retailers, hoteliers and leisure operators know that first impression is vital to the overall customer life cycle experience. It’s a fact that people return to welcoming environments, so it’s imperative to create fresh and vibrant interiors that portray an excellent first impression and deliver clear and consistent branding. Since the dawn of humankind, walls have […]

Acrovyn Provides Wall & Door Protection for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse


The much awaited purpose-built $260 million Chris O’ Brien Lifehouse facility finally opened its doors to patients on November 19, 2013. Lifehouse is the first fully integrated cancer care centre in Australia. Located alongside Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Sydney University, the Lifehouse mission is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, carers […]

5 Tips for Extending the Lifecycle of Your Entrance Matting Systems

Pedisystems Projets Toison d or tapis

Entrance mats are a key part of health and safety in a building or workplace, stopping the spread of dirt and moisture throughout a building and minimising slip and trip accidents. With the amount of rain we have been having recently, an underperforming entrance mat can be very costly, not just with the maintenance and […]

Understanding Acoustic Louvres

acoustic louvres

Acoustic louvres are used to reduce the transmission of noise from air intake/exhaust systems of industrial plants and commercial buildings while still allowing air circulation. Builders and architects choose acoustic louvres over conventional louvres when sound attenuation or minimizing noise is of importance. There are numerous policies for acoustic louvres in Australia enacted by different […]

Self Repairing Concrete Could Be The Future of Green Building


I would like to share an article Self repairing concrete could be the future of green building by Gary Wollenhaupt that looks at how bacteria engineered to thrive in dry climates is helping to create a concrete that can repair itself. The bacteria are mixed into the concrete and release calcium carbonate, similar to limestone, […]

Vertically Challenged: Stairs, the Final Frontier


I would like to share an article Vertically Challenged: Stairs, the Final Frontier by Bob Peck which discuss the use of stairs to improve workplace performance. The article points out that people on different floors might as well be on a different continent. The differentiating factor between the horizontal and vertical dimensions is visibility and […]

Benefits of Artwork in Hospitals: Helps Patients & Staff Relax


Research reveals that colours, images and artwork play a vital role in the patients healing and recovery. The benefits of artwork in hospitals may also include helping in the overall well-being of the staff and healthcare professionals that work within the environment. Studies has shown that images that incorporate nature and warm colours help patients […]

Checklist to Help With Expansion Joint Cover Specification

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Selecting the right expansion joint cover is important to ensure the expansion joint performs according to its design and purpose. To help with expansion joint cover specification we have put together a short checklist of important considerations: Expansion/movement joint width Anticipated movement Building usage/loading requirements Aesthetics Recess or surface mounted cover Is a blockout required […]

How to Install Expansion Joint Covers


How to install expansion joint covers really depends on your aesthetic considerations and the required movement the cover has to accommodate. There are two methods or types of joint to choose from, surface mounted joint covers and recess mounted covers. Surface mounted joint covers Surface mounted joint covers are typically smaller, single gasketed models, installed […]