An Introduction To AS/NZS 4740-2000 Louvre Standard

Tangential Separation

AS/NZS 4740-2000 sets out the guidelines for the testing and classification of all weather or performance louvres. During testing, the resistance to airflow is assessed and the louvres are subjected to 75mm/hr of water, blown against a 1m x 1m louvre at a velocity of 13m/s. The louvre is then given a 3 part classification: […]

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Performance Louvre System


Selecting a performance louvre is often a compromise between airflow efficiency and rain defence. It is therefore important to know the answers to a few key questions before you start your selection, so that you can be sure to choose the right system. Specifying the wrong louvre system could cause problems internally, to plant and […]

WARNING: Economical Architectural Louvres Aren’t As Cheap As You Think

flooded generator room

During our 60 years of manufacturing, selling and installing Architectural Louvre systems we have come across a number of projects where cost has been the main focus. But taking shortcuts to get a low price and a super-fast delivery can often leave you with economical louvres that really aren’t up to the job, leading to […]

How To Correctly Specify Building & Architectural Louvres

specifying free area

Did you know that specifying architectural louvres on free area alone can cause problems? The principle reason for using louvres is to move air. But how do you know if the louvre you specify will actually deliver the air volume the engineer has asked for? In our experience we have found that sizing and specifying louvres […]

Building & Architectural Louvres Explained


A Louvre is a ventilation product that allows air to pass through it whilst keeping out unwanted elements such as water, dirt and debris. How do louvres work? Depending on the type of ventilation you need, a selection of specially designed blades are mounted in a frame. Each blade and blade configuration is different and […]

A Brief Intro to Architectural Louvres

MCG louvre

You may have heard the term Louvre (spelt Louvers in the US) used in architectural terms, but may not fully understand what they are and why people are talking about them. First things first, they’re not talking about an architecture exhibition at the famous museum in Paris. (Just thought I’d make that clear). The Building Services […]

Hospital Interiors: 4 Ways To Cut Costs & Stay Safe


Hospital interiors are difficult to keep clean and safe, but the use of certain interior products can have a positive impact on the building and maintenance costs of a hospital as well as the health and safety of all building users. At C/S we’ve been helping hospitals cut costs and improve safety for many years with […]

The Importance of In-Store Graphics and Displays


Investing in eye catching, inviting interiors is an important part of the building design process, especially in the retail sector, where presentation is everything and consumers “buy with their eyes”. In an ever expanding e-commerce world, regular bricks and mortar stores need to find innovative ways of attracting people away from their computers and into […]

Designing for Healthcare, it’s not just about the functionality


In a recent post on the Healthcare Design Magazine website, Mark VanderKlipp, President at Corbin Design, talked about his thoughts on wayfinding and designing healthcare environments for “the big picture”. Mark points out that: “There are parts of a medical visit that patients know will be unpleasant. It’s incumbent on us (interior designers) to design experiences that make those visits as […]

4 Essentials to Maintaining Schools, Colleges & Universities


Schools, Colleges and Universities can be tough environments to maintain and keep looking nice, with busy student areas often being subjected to extensive wear and tear, resulting in scruffy interiors and high maintenance costs. So to help you keep on top of your maintenance budgets we have focused on 4 main elements of your school, […]